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Baguio Trip

Me and my Colleagues went to Baguio to enjoy the Cold weather before the Panagbenga Festival.

We stayed at Camp John Hay. There are so many hotels and inns that you can stay at. The best is the Manor hotel, next is Le Menot and if you are in a tight budget try Mile hi inn. Camp John hay is the safest to stay in and there are a lot of restos and stores inside.

We went to strawberry farm, the Baguio City Market for pasalubong. SM City, Lourdes Grotto and Burnham Park.

So many places to go to in Baguio, we tried strawberry taho which is really good. We ate dinner buffet at Le Monet, of course our boss treat us lol.

Camp John Hay can give you that picturesque vibe:

Get to eat Hot steak.

At night, coffee with cake is really good!

Opening of Pangbenga.

252 steps to the Lourdes Grotto. It’s just too bad that people kept on taking pictures in front of the grotto and takes away it’s solemnity.

Burnham Park.

SM City Baguio is the only Open Mall and without aircon and rely on the cold climate of the city.

Pet Cemetery and Cemetery of Negativism.

The Manor Hotel.

Dinner Buffet at Le Monet Hotel is yum!!!

Strawberry Farm at La Trinidad.

Jeep inside Jeep

Buy some treats and pasalubong from the Market.

Have a taste of the strawberry Taho. My friend’s favorite fruit is strawberry and she was very happy with her taho!

Taking pics with your Filipino Family? Lol!