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Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Burj Al Arab is the iconic image of Dubai. It is popular with it’s boat-like structure. It is very unique and truly beautiful. I salute those architects and engineers who built it. Amazing!!!

The location of the building is in Jumeirah Beach, I guess to live-up with it’s boat-like structure.

They have a public beach which is free wherein you can view this beautiful building. Also, you can go to Souk Madinat where so many tourists are swarming in taking pictures behind Burj Al Arab, it serves as a beautiful backdrop in any OOTDs. That is, if you can have a clear view of the building when there are so many tourists taking pictures, sometimes in front of you. Haha they don’t care, so take your time and get that best shot!

This pic was taken when I was struggling in taking a good picture despite of so many tourists taking their pictures in front of you, that ruins your OOTD. (in Souk Madinat)

You can also eat lunch or dinner while gazing at Burj Al Arab. They have a man-made lake where you can also ride a wooden boat for AED60 for a short trip. (not a good idea)

After taking some tour in Souk Madinat cause you can buy a lot of stuff here as well. My friend was taking me to Global Village but the line to get a taxi was veeeeerrrrrryyyy looonnngggg….so we decided to walk around to get a cab.

And we then, only realized that we can have Burj Al Arab all to ourselves since there are no other people at that spot. Hahaha!

SEE!!! You just have to walk a little outside and get this view all for you!

And then it was still hard to get a cab even in the bus stop. Their bus stop is air-conditioned so it’s okay to wait. But we are wasting time so, we walk a little more and then we arrived at this spot that gave us a greater view of Burj Al Arab.

There was a couple who was taking turns in taking pictures so my friend offered to take a picture of them together in front of Burj Al Arab.

And then, WALAH, we got a cab!