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Global Village, Dubai

Global Village Dubailand, Dubai, is claimed to be the world’s largest tourism, leisure and entertainment project. It is the region’s first cultural, entertainment, family and shopping destination.

Located at Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, land – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

Open from 4pm to 12am

It only cost 15 AED. So affordable. By the way, don’t wear shorts, it’s not allowed, it’s a new rule, my friend who accompanied me was asked to buy a shawl (30 AED) or leggings (20 AED) from outside. That’s a rip-off!

She was surprised as 2 weeks ago before we went here, she visited Global Village wearing shorts as it is a theme park and not a mosque. She was really mad. She bought a leggings and inside she bought a pair of pants as she thinks she looks ridiculous since she was wearing short blouse. They should have indicated it in their website as the place is far.

Like the London Eye. Saw this pic and laughed, didn’t notice that I have photobombers who were actually smiling behind me Lol! 😂😂😂

Experience the magnificent Egypt.

A must-visit in Dubai. It will make you feel you have traveled the world in one place. So many things to see, you will learn about each Country’s culture and food.

Freeee……I am loving the cool wind…it is best to visit Middle East in October to March.

The Bull and the Bully hahaha (America)

Global Village Dubai is one of the best places to visit in Dubai which includes an expanded line-up of attractions, concerts, live shows & exciting fun rides.

So many things to buy, so better bring money. There’s an atm inside but it has  a loooonnnnggg line.

Traveled the World in one day.

Watched a Concert and fireworks. Soooo many people.

Also you can watched some presentations from each Country.

Shop and Eat! And ohhhh…that Turkish Ice cream is to die for, it has a texture of marshmallow and very thick, so yum!!! Priced at AED 20 but since we bought a chandelier from our Turkish friend he asked if we can get the ice cream for only AED 10 each.

Bought this Artistic Jewelry box from the Philippine Section that is being managed by a Vietnamese. I got disappointed because the Philippine Section is just a stall, a kiosk, I mean we have a lot to offer. I hope there would be someone who will make an iconic section for our Country and showcase what we can offer, this is a great way to advertise our Country and to attract more tourists to visit Philippines.

But overall, I have enjoyed Global Village. We spent 6 hours inside and still, we were not able to visit all of the countries.

And before we head back home,my friend asked me to stand for 10 minutes in front of this, since the color of the Mosque changes.

Loved it!!!! When you’re in Dubai, don’t fail to visit Global Village!