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Last Exit – Food Trucks Station, Dubai

Street Food Truck Park

Last Exit is your ultimate exit for a Gourmet Street Food experience. A delicious selection of the freshest, tastiest gourmet offerings is made available to you in a unique Food Truck Park concept and the first of its kind in the region, in a chilled, fun and convenient environment.

It’s located at Sheik Zayed Road – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

One of the places I wanted to visit in Dubai is this place. You see I’m a big fan of the “CARS” movie and I was curious when I saw this place from Social Media.

And I was not disappointed, when we got there, It really gives you a “CARS Radiator Springs” Vibe. I love that movie!!!

I am loving this colorful Road lines.

This place is far and you need to drive a car or grab a cab to get here. Good thing, my friend rented a car to show me around.

Classic Old Cars. Loveeettt!!!

Tires plus Oil Barrels = Photo Op! Lol!

Cadillac with a Trailer, what?!!! Matchy-matchy with my outfit! Nice!!!

And a Gas Station. So Cute!

Even the Restrooms was intricately designed. Look at those Car parts on the wall. What a piece of art!

Oh my! Chairs that you can pedal, Eat while you work out! hahaha Great idea!

I love the tissue holders.

And that wrench is so cute holding my bag.

Road signs.

What made my day is that pull-down flush! The combination of the old and the new blows my mind! I will have something like this made in our house! Hahaha

And the Tire-sinks! Oh my!!!

Train Tracks added rugged look to the place!

And finally the food trucks, made from variety of vehicles!

And hey, read before you throw any of your garbage.

Cute Tire stool.

Thanks to this guys who brought me to this place, and it was also their first time to go here. Thanks to social media, I heard about this place!