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Matabungkay, Batangas

Had our Victory Party at Matabungkay Beach in Batangas.

Each person just contributed Php700 for the transportation, accommodation and food and we are like 17 in total.  Well, the house we rented is owned by our colleague so we got it in a very good deal.

We left the office around 7pm and arrived at the resort around 10:30pm

A stop-over in Tagaytay for a bio-break.

The house is in the beach front and has 4 rooms in total. You can also bring your own tent.

We asked the care taker to make us a bonfire since it’s so dark in the beach.

We stayed up until the morning just chatting and laughing.

The darkest hour comes before the dawn.

Ahhhh….beautiful morning with my Team.

Enjoying the coolness of the water.


Island hopping for only Php200 per head.

The water has strong waves!!!

And it’s time to EAAAATTTTT!!!

And at 2pm, we got surprised the water is gone…low tide and you can literally walk on water…but be careful…there are so many sea urchins.

But overall…we had a lot of fun in a very affordable way!!!