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Richmond Virginia, US Trip

They said Virginia is for lovers…did you ever wonder why?

If you are passionate about history, arts, gardens, antiques, fine dining, outdoor recreation, theme parks or NASCAR, there’s something for every taste in the Historic Richmond Region. Come find out why so many visitors fall in love with the Historic Richmond Region every day.

Our trip’s itinerary is PH-JAPAN-HAWAII-RICHMOND.

You can start shopping in the airport.

Their airport will welcome you with their work of art. Really nice!!!

Touchdown Honolulu, Hawaii — Aloha!!!

We stayed at Hyatt Hotel. Honestly, the only thing I don’t like in VA is, there is no public transportation and all you can do is call a cab that will cost you a lot!!! Good thing the Manager of the hotel is a Filipina and she takes us where ever we want to go if she’s not busy. Talk about added service!!!

Hyatt offered us big rooms with Toilet and bath, sofa, huge bed, LED TV, microwave and free breakfast.

We went first to the church.

After mass..we goofed around…haha

Richmond offers a wide range of cultural attractions. One of the finest museums in the Southeast, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts features collections from Europe, the Far East, and America. Special collections include the Faberge Russian Imperial Jewels and the Lewis Collection of Art Nouveau. Other major museums include the Science Museum of Virginia, the Children’s Museum, the Edgar Allen Poe Museum, the Valentine Museum and the Museum of the Confederacy. These reflect Virginia’s heritage as well as the wonders of the modern age.

Also, visit Jefferson’s Hotel where Gone in the Wind movie was taken.

You will see the famous stairs in the movie.

You can also visit their Malls or if you are in a budget, go to Walmart or Ross for Less.


We ate at Spinnacker’s – good American food!!!

And watched a Car show…good thing our Cab driver was very nice to tour us around and stopped at a car show with no additional cost, and even stopped the meter for us!  So cool!!!

Visited their Canal Walk…it is so clean.

And when you are in Richmond, don’t fail to try Cracker and Barrel…delight yourself with their western food. I feel like a cowgirl!!! Yihaaa!!!

Yup…I was still wearing braces back then, but I don’t care…I love to eat!!! Hahaha

So much history being told in this resto.

We also tried other Restos, such as Cheesecake Factory, Chinese Resto and even Bars. So many places to go to here in Virginia.

Cheesecake Factory

Kaitlyn is so cute!!!

And my favorite….Cheesecake!!!!

Joe’s family was so nice to treat me for dinner..you see, I went to Virginia twice and on my 2nd trip, I went alone and that was the first time I’ve traveled alone. Surprisingly, I did not feel alone, in fact, I’ve gained new friends in that particular trip.

And Sonita (Hotel’s Manager) with her family took me to dinner as well. Really, people from Virginia are so nice!

And went to bars…of course!

Drinking at Black Finn…not for the youngsters though..hahaha

Tried the Red Bull drink…believe me, you won’t get tipsy!!!

See..I am still fully awake!!!

This one is in another Bar…I forgot the name but it was full of rappers..very nice!!!

And lastly, you can also watch NASCAR during August.

And yep…I have enjoyed my trips to Richmond, not only because of their historic places, good food but also because of the good people who accommodated us. Thank you Virginia!!! See you again!!!