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Sharqiya or Wahiba Sands – Desert in Oman

The highlight of my OMAN travel is the DESERT!!! Oh, I’ve always wanted to see the Desert. My main goal was to see the Sunset and I did!!! Thanks to our good Omani friend who previously worked as a Tour guide in his cousin’s Travel Tour Company. Not to mention, he is a great driver and he made us experience the Dune bashing for free!!! Loved that guy!!!

We left Muscat at around 10:30am and arrived at around 12:30pm at Wadi Bani Khalid to take a dip in the water and have lunch since there is a buffet there for only 4OMR but not including drinks.

You need to walk a lil bit to the rocky mountains of Wadi. By the way Wadi means “Water”.

This Paradise looking sight welcomes the tourists as they enter the Wadi.

Look how lovely the water is and it’s cold.

You can jump from the bridge to take the plunge and enjoy the thrill in diving into the cold water.

As for the people who doesn’t want to swim, you can go down the bridge and just dip your feet in the water.

See the amazing rock formation of Wadi Bani Khalid.

These two loved the water. Look how happy they are!!!

After eating and swimming, we went to have coffee. We also stopped and had our tires get some more air so it will be tight when we drive in the sands. I’m so excited!!!

And we have arrived!!!

We saw some Camels along the way, but this one is pregnant so she’s not that friendly.

You have to use an SUV when you drive in the Desert.

This is the first time our Omani friend drove his 2-door Pajero in the desert with 5 people in it. Usually if you are driving a 2-door, you should only have 3 people in it including the driver. And yes, our SUV got stuck in the desert hahaha. Our Omani friend said it’s normal, and it should happen when you are touring tourists to create excitement hahaha. Good thing, there was another Omani who was driving along our way and helped us, he was with his family and even offered us coffee and dates. Very nice guy!!!

And yes we pushed the car out of the sands. It was a fun experience though.

Oooppsss, my friend fell in the sands, literally he unintentionally rolled over the sands and enjoyed it.

And our Omani friend joined him. And yes, you can dive in the sands as it is so soft. But be careful, make sure and check first if the sand is soft, there are parts of the sands which is hard and that could hurt you when you dive into it.

And since the sand is soft, it was a challenge to go up but you can easily go down hahaha.

We went to the desert around 4:00pm so it’s not gonna be that hot. And we checked online what time the Sun will set as my main goal is to see the sunset in the desert.

And the sun started to set, it was a breathtaking view!!! I was really happy!!!

After the Sunset, we still played a little bit in the sands.

And finally saw some Camels and played with them while taking pictures.

And we wrapped-up the night.

If you want to stay overnight in the desert, there are camp sites there that you can rent and enjoy viewing the starry night and have some bonfire.

When you visit middle east, don’t miss the desert!!!

Playing our favorite song Side to Side by Ariana Grande while Dune Bashing in Wahiba Sands!!! Watch how fun it is!!!

Dune Bashing in Wahiba Desert in Oman while playing our favori…

Dune Bashing in Wahiba Desert in Oman while playing our favorite song!

Sharqiya or Wahiba Sands – Desert in Oman

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