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Somerset Panorama, Muscat OMAN

I stayed in Somerset Panorama. It is located at Al Ghubrah Al Janubiyyah, Muscat, Oman. It was relatively new when we rented it, it’s only 3 month old and is connecting to the Panorama Mall. You can also watch movies, shop, and eat at their foodcourt. Also, they have a grocery store downstairs. Talk about convenience.

They have a huge lobby and it is beautiful!

The hotel is an OOTD worthy. Everywhere looks amazing.

There is also a Canella Cafe in the lobby if you want to have breakfast or just coffee.

At first I had a Studio Type deluxe service apartment.

Good thing I have a good friend who cooks very well. Thanks to my personal chef Marky! You are provided with utensils, fridge, microwave oven, electric kettle and an electric stove.

Each night cost P11,000, it’s much cheaper when you get a Company rate, I think you can get it for P7,000 a night.

Bed is huge, best for honeymooners. There is a dedicated cleaner in every floor that cleans your apartment in a daily basis plus wash your dishes. All you need to do is cook, eat, sleep, bath and go.

Experienced a dip in their bathtub, there is big bottle of shower gel situated in their bathtub so no need for you to buy. Ahhh…so relaxing, I do it whenever I do my laundry.

Yep, I love taking pics beside the curtains as I have a great view of the pool outside my room. I’m so lucky!

And speaking of the pool, of course, I have to try it, the pool is open from 8am to 10pm. It has an infinity vibe and so peaceful, even if the hotel is situated along the highway.

I had a free breakfast for 19 days since I keep on rebooking my stay while waiting for my roommate. If your stay is 10 days or less, you will have free breakfast.

At the ground floor you can enjoy a breakfast buffet that is open from 5:30am to 11:00am.

And when my room mate arrived, I transferred to a 2 bedroom deluxe service apartment.

And oh by the way, you have to bring an adaptor so you can use the sockets in the room. Or you may borrow from the Hotel Reception.

In a 2 Bedroom deluxe, there is a master bedroom with your own bathroom, TV and a Veranda and another room with 2 single beds, your own veranda without TV and bathroom so you have to use the bathroom situated outside intended to be used by everyone including your visitors.

The living room has it’s own veranda, you need to request from the front desk to open it and when you open the veranda, automatically the aircon will be turned off.

Overall, I enjoyed my stay in Somerset Panorama, the staff are very nice, their rooms are beautiful and it is situated at the heart of Muscat, that makes places more accessible. It’s even near the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque.